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Freesat Installations in Cheshire.


What is Freesat?


As the name suggests, freesat is a free satellite service giving you over 140 great digital TV and radio channels, including high definition (HD) programmes from the BBC and ITV. The only cost you will incur is a one off freesat setup installation fee, which varies depending on the type of freesat installation you choose. My freesat satellite dish installation prices are available below!


New BBC & ITV freesat+ receivers are now avaiable which have full recording facilities, including the ability to record, rewind and pause live Digital TV as you watch it, so you will never miss a thing again. If you are looking to receive the very latest in free digital HD TV entertainment then the new BBC & ITV freesat system, which was launched Spring 2008 could be the answer! This new freesat HD system has been developed to provide greater coverage for the UK. Approximately 98% of all UK households are able to receive the satellite signal, and this provides digital viewing for those who are unable to receive the current Freeview signal via an aerial. Furthermore, freesat HD provides super fast digital text and enhanced interactivity, with access to the latest national, local and world news, and even live sports results. To help you make the most of what you want to watch, the new freesat HD digital TV reception system has a built in TV programming guide, providing you with up to date listings seven days in advance of when your favourite shows are on. There is also digital subtitles and audio descriptions available.

Freesat Installations in Cheshire.


Standard Freesat satellite dish & 4 port QLNB wall mounted with a shotgun twin cable run to 1 room is £145 or double cable run where the extra twin cable is required for a second room is £195.


If the satellite dish needs to be chimney mounted, then please add £55 for a ratchet bracket and pole which is very secure & will not damage your chimney!


Extra cable runs for standard Freesat or recordable Freesat to extra rooms single £65, double (shotgun) £70.


If you have an existing sky dish it can be used for Freesat as they both use the same satellite called Astra28E. So if  you require more cable runs but your dish only has a single Lnb then please add £25 for a 4 port quad Lnb or £50 for an 8 port Octo Lnb to the cable run price.


Freesat Repairs in Cheshire.

Does your Freesat box have the message no satellite signal is being received displayed on screen or the picture is pixelating because your satellite dish has lost alignment?

Then I charge £50 for an hours repair callout.

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