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Sky channels displayed on revolving rubics cube.Sky channels displayed on revolving rubics cube.

Sky Satellite dishes supplied, installed & repaired in Middlewich, Cheshire.

My name is Tony Hough & I am a fully qualified Sky satellite tv installations & repairs engineerSky special heights installer based in Middlewich Cheshire.

All my Sky installation work is of the highest standard with all Sky satellite dish installations meter tested for the best signal possible, the coax cables tacked neatly to the walls, the cable entry points drilled from inside to out with a thin pilot drill first & the holes sealed with silicon & an external weather plate!

I am happy to travel to all areas of Cheshire & have installed Sky satellite dishes for many very satisfied customers who have then recommended me to family & friends in Middlewich, Northwich, Holmes Chapel, Sanbach, Crewe, Nantwich, Alsager, Winsford, Alderley Edge, Congleton, Knutsford & many other Cheshire post codes & can carry out the following work for you!


  • Sky satellite dishes supplied & fitted in a professional neat & tidy friendly manner by a qualified aerial & satellite engineer!


  • Sky satellite dish previosly installed incorrectly & needs to be re-sited in a specific position on the house to get a good satellite signal or because the building is listed or the Sky dish looks unsightly?


  • A Sky engineer visited & refused to install the Sky satellite dish were you wanted it sited because it was a special heights installation or the dish really needed to go on a post in the garden to get a good signal?


  • You would like to watch your Sky picture in other rooms in the house in standard or high definiton & be able to control the Sky box via magic eyes from those rooms?


  • Your Sky box has the on screen message no satellite signal is being received or the picture is breaking up because your satellite dish has lost its alignment with Astra28?


  • Your second tv with a Sky magic eye stopped working or the picture is fuzzy?


  • Did you used to be able to watch both Sky and Freeview in other rooms around the house but no longer can?


  • Does Your Sky+ box say no satellite signal when you are trying to record?



If so click here to send me an e-mail or call me on 07554263321 for some friendly advice or a quote!



 Sky Installations Middlewich.


  • Standard Sky dish & 4 port QLNB wall mounted with a single cable run to 1 room £99 or double cable run (shotgun/wf65) were the extra cable is required for recording £115.


  • If  the dish needs to be chimney mounted then please add £30 for a ratchet bracket which is very secure & will not damage your chimney!


  • Extra cable runs for Sky multi room set top box or Freesat decoder which is off the same satellite (Astra28e) so can share the same satellite dish, single £40 double (shotgun) £50.


  • If you have an existing sky dish and require more cable runs but it has a single Lnb then please add £20 for a 4 port quad Lnb or £50 for an 8 port Octo Lnb to the cable run price!


  • If you already have Sky & would like to watch the programmes in another room and control the Sky box from that room? Then a single cable run and Magic Eye installation is £60.


  • If you would like Sky linked into 2 or more rooms then you would require a 4 Way IR (Infra Red) amplifier costing £40 installed. An IR amp allows the signal from your Sky remote control signal to return via the magic eye cable & amp to your Sky box & control it.


  • All Sky satellite repair call outs are £40 including 1 hours labour & travel time. If the job is likely to take 2 hours then the extra hour is £20.




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