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Digital TV Aerial & Sky Satellite Dish Installation & Repair Services Cheshire!

Contact Tony 24/7 on mobile 07554263321 "Ex Royal Signals Engineer"

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Middlewich - TV Aerial Repairs Services.
Digital Aerial Repairs, Sky Repairs, Freesat Repairs, Motorised Satellite dish Repairs, Phone line Repairs & Broadband Repairs services based in Middlewich, covering Byley, Church Minshull, Warmingham...! 

With the aid of digital aerial & satellite meters to test the aerial or satellite signal, a van stocked with spares & Horizon digital aerial signal testerusing my extensive knowledge & experience! I am able to diagnose & repair tv reception faults in Middlewich very quickly & in a single visit . So if you are having trouble with your tv reception and need it sorting fast give me "Tony" a call 24/7 on 07554263321 & I will come & fix it the same day, for example I repair the following digital aerial, Sky & Freesat satellite dish faults:


  • TV aerial or satellite dish has been damaged or has lost alignment during bad weather & requires replacing or repairing.


  • TV has the on screen message no signal & needs the tv aerial fault diagnosed & repaired.


  • Sky box has the on screen message no satellite signal is being received & requires the cables to be meter tested to decide if the Sky dish or box is faulty.


  • Freeview dtv picture is pixelating or has missing channels & requires the aerial upgrading to a digital aerial.

 No satellite signal is being received message on Sky tv! Sky dish has lost alignment, cable damaged or broken or lnb fault!

  • All the tv pictures in the housed have suddenly stopped working & the aerial or amplifier requires fixing or replacing.


  • Sky or Freesat picture is freezing & breaking up & the satellite dish needs moving or re-aligning.


  • Sky magic eyes not working in other rooms or tv  picture is fuzzy & the Sky magic eye link requires testing & repairing.


  • Motorised satellite dish has lost alignment or the motor has stopped working & you need a specialist to repair it.



Faults that you can diagnose & fix!

Sky box has picture but no sound or vice versa then check Scart lead connecting box to Tv is housed correctly!
Just moved in and no Tv's in house work but did for previous owner then check for power supply unit usually by one of the Tv sockets and that it is switched on? If not ask previous owners if they have taken it by mistake!
Keep picking up Welsh channels instead of English then Signal is to strong and a manual re-tune is required on Channel frequencies 54, 55, 58, 59, 61 & 62 for Cheshire and the North West!


Aerial or Satellite dish repairs Middlewich, callout & hourly rate.


A customer callout which includes 1 hours labour and travel time is £40. This should give me plenty of time to diagnose and repair almost all aerial & satellite faults!

If the Job is likely to exceed 1 hour then I charge £20 per hour there after!

I carry most spare parts on my van such as Signal Amplifiers, Aerials, Satellite Dishes, Poles and brackets & have equipment that will test Coax cable, Cat5/6 cable, Digital Aerial & all Satellite Signals!

If a job requires spare parts such as the chimney bracket for your aerial has broken then an additional charge would be added. In this instant £30 for a ratchet chimney bracket as seen on my Aerial Installation page!

Finally if it would be more cost effective to install a new Digital Aerial from scratch then I would wave all other charges and do the job as an installation with a set price!

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Digital Aerial Repairs Byley, Sky Repairs Byley, Freesat Repairs Byley, Motorised Satellite Repairs Byley, Phone line Repairs Byley, Broadband Repairs Byley.

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Digital Aerial Repairs Warmingham, Sky Repairs Warmingham, Freesat Repairs Warmingham, Motorised Satellite Repairs Warmingham, Phone line Repairs Warmingham, Broadband Repairs Warmingham.